Wax on...

"People..people who need people....are the luckiest people in the world......"
This is from a song, can't remember the title but that's okay it's just the idea......
There are people in our lives that come and go, some build us up and some tear us down and it is up to each one of us to choose as wisely and with precision as Massimo or is it Merimoto...the wax on wax off guy...(think on it)
Unfortunately that's not always the case. Sometimes we run through the decisions in our lives and put more careful thought on the selection of a jar of mayonnaise than someones credentials versus what one can add to our character.
Is there a someone in your life, now think about this carefully, who will add to your all around well being. At times their words may cut like a knife, no pain no gain, in order to grow there will be pain and suffering, and mostly our own because the resistance in our lives is nothing more than not wanting to humble ourselves. That's usually followed by pride
and after that
pride goeth before a fall.
It can happen...
turn around.
..and look at the trail of crumbs from the past and your looking at the humbleness and foolishness of not making the right decisions.
Ahh, but the best part of this is focus forward, straight ahead to the future and the best part...a new day
I'm just saying,
"It's a new day!"

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