For the Moment

It's been an interesting actually a little too interesting time in my life. Let's see where do I begin. Since the very day in '09 when Santa had his first day off in a long time I've been stepping gingerly by way of crutches and very poorly at that. But I digress, (I actually wanted to say that no matter what the subject matter was, I've always liked the way it sounds.) I've been reacting very sad at the chore and lack of freedom of those crutches when the very words of my Aunt Rose turned all around and now I look at those crutches as a source of freedom, even though I'm not leaping literally around I am able to do more than most in my situation.
It's not about what you cannot do it is about what you CAN do.
So if things are unorganized the way they used to be, there are new ways to organize and right now it's in piles around the house. ha ha...I am an elderly person in training.......
I haven't written much at all because of computer issues, or the way I feel most days, bored. So my notebook of potential best sellers has fallen flat.
Facebook and I are quick friends just so I can keep up on the latest of anything and the only outing seems to be the thrift store where I volunteer and even then I need my own volunteers. I am pretty good at delegating.
Fortunately someone else said, " and this too shall pass," and so it shall, and life goes on and when it does I know that my time in the desert has been a fruitful one.
I have seen many oasis's along the way.
But for the moment, my computer is working, I feel fine, it's raining outside and the frig is full.
And God is an Awesome God.

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