A Real Peach

I would walk down the country road popping tar bubbles along the way and wondering if I'd ever get there from my grandparents farm. It was only a country house away but always seemed like forever when your steps are twice what they are now. The ditch beside me was cavernous and inviting but the stories of leeches and critters kept me out,sometimes. My imagination would soar with every step I'd take and knew the heat must be making my mind delirious and with a laugh I say this. The summertime heat was not my favorite so I trudged on with the thoughts of the apples which were just about ripe on the trees in the apple orchard. The barn with the rope and hay were real inviting too.

There are memories now of my Aunt Margaret Lucille, letting me try on her many earrings or the wonderful southern meals she'd prepare. I don't think I ever heard a harsh word from her, just a concerned one. She is special to me but I'm a terrible niece because I feel I don't give her the time she so deserves and for that matter I deserve her too. How many kids have a real peach of an Aunt in more ways than one and given the fact she is from Georgia, doesn't hurt at all.
There were many things I liked about the visit down the road and I am left with warm inviting memories, Cinnamon Rolls, Hot chicken Sandwichs made special for the Ice Cream Social at the church and a glass of Iced tea on a hot summers day.
Thanks so much for just a few of the many memories.

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