In a small town, a town that resembles just about any other and not very far away from any other big city, there once lived a young woman and her name was Kitty Van den Burg. A new graduate from one of the all female colleges where liberal arts was high on the list of Academics, as well as how to be a lady. Generally, a few came back to teach. The irony was they turned out more nasty girls than ladies. Kitty was an exception to the rule. She made Martha Stewart look inadequate most days. When something needed to be done, Kitty was the one you'd always call upon. It didn't matter if she was already up to her elbows in books or studying for a mid term. Kitty to the rescue at least in others eyes. Kitty had a few flaws in her otherwise shining personality, she needed to learn how to say no. Even Martha must have her dark moments a mood where all she can think of is to put her feet up and kick back with a Cosmo and throw her own magazine on the floor. Go Martha!?

Oh what was it about this picturesque campus. The buildings were covered in ivy with stone walls, well worn, casting shadowing in just the right places. The tree lined school grounds where many had sat and studied on blankets cushioned with leaves , waxed nostalgic of students from now as well as times past. Look again, much closer and imagine the blood dripping down the walls.We've all heard stories of ravens, the darkside in the basements, of writings on the floor and robes. A newborn being stuffed between the walls to cover someones shame.What was it about Kitty, were there secrets that made her the obsessed woman she is today. And where is Kitty, now?

Here Kitty Kitty?

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