Routine out of Necessity

What does your day consist of? What do you do that is so mundane and boring you feel like you'll scream if you do it one more time. Routines are alright as they go but sometimes they draw you in and all ya want to do is securely step on them. Our lives wouldn't be right without them though. Just think about it, we need routine on a farm, routine in the hospitals, babies need routines contrary to some beliefs. Routine keeps us sane in a crisis and is a comfort to our whacked out world.
Tell me now, what are some of the things that drive you crazy or give you peace and comfort all in the name of "routine".
Mine is when it comes to excercise, I cannot stand the process of getting ready to go, putting on workout clothes and driving to the destination. I know for those of you who know me, know I haven't done this in quite awhile...and I say Hush. I didn't have to share in the first place :)

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