Victory Gardens and Prada

We could be eating baked bean sandwiches ya know.
We could be planting a victory garden.
We could be experiencing the effects, the date, Sept. 12.
We could be hearing on the radio about the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
We could have just experienced the Tsunami from our televisions sets.
We could have and did in some point in time, these things happened or we lived through it or we heard all about any number of these things.
We are going through tough times and one day we'll look back on it and realize it is but a memory, a learned experience, a time in our life. How can we do anything but learn from it. Our loved ones, friends and acquaitances have all dealt with things, and most will say that which doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Pinching pennies isn't all bad and if you have any at all to pinch you can count yourself lucky. As long as you have love within your family, a roof over your head, and food in your stomach you can count yourself blessed. It isn't the shiny cars or the big houses or the latest pair of Pradas that make us who we are, to ourselves and each other, it is what we've always heard about, it's what's inside our very being that makes all the difference. It is how do you feel when your head hits the pillow. We can be saturated and are by the media telling us how bad things are, as if we needed to hear more of it. We could avoid the major news stations online and on the television. It would be like taking away the caffeine jolt in the morning but in the long run we would be all the better for it. We can Twitter our life away putting messages out and hope someone will respond like a catfish to a hook but I think God is trying to get our attention to stop and smell the flowers, things are very much out of control, fast, and some are very uncaring in their role as humans. It is not what the other person does it is how we handle and respond to this shakeup. Shake ups have happened through history and this isn't any different.

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  1. I do agree with you chick. Just that the pennies are in too short supply at the mo.



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