Here we are in July, humid weather, our first hurricane-Arhur- but I must say, it's getting better and better.

Swimming is one way to make the hot humid weather better, and I've been taking advantage of it, .
How people vacation here to stand in long lines in Mickeyworld is beyond me…I'd choose the lazy river, or reclining in my own cabana watching the football while sipping on a cool one.

  The beach- how we love it, sand and grit, waves, and undertows, heat, and sand castles, dragging everything you own, can be both, melty and fun so rent an umbrella and chairs and leave toting to someone else. 

 I haven't been yet this year, I always intend to but remember spring break and crowds, then July and crowds, eventually I will make it…
How will you spend the rest of your summer, where will you go?  The old swimmin' hole, Mickeyworld, or by the sea ………..


From the musical "For Me and My Gal"
(Harold Atteridge / Harry Carroll) (1914)

Joe and Jane were always together.

Said Joe to Jane,
"I love summer weather,
So let's go to that beautiful sea,
Follow along,
Say you're with me!"
Anything that Joe would suggest to her
Jane would always think it was best for her.
So he'd get his Ford,
Gosh, I want to be:
By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea!
You and me, you and me, oh how happy we'll be!
When each wave comes a-rolling in
We will duck or swim,
And we'll float and fool around the water.
Over and under, and then up for air,
Pa is rich, Ma is rich, so now what do we care?
I love to be beside your side, beside the sea,
Beside the seaside, by the beautiful sea!

Have a wonderful summer no matter where you spend it. 


  1. Glad to see you again! You are back on my sidebar, as you should be!

  2. I think the last time I went swimming was about eight years ago in a public pool here. Yuck. Chlorine is NOT my idea of a good swim. Since getting to the seaside is still hampered by lack of transport, I think I may get meself a tin tub, fill it up in the yard and make like an eight year old. Do eight year olds these days still do that sort of thing? Kids baffle me now.

    By the way Barb, thanks for unwittingly helping me catch up with Melanie Galway again. Last I heard she was expecting. I saw a past post on here for a giveaway you were doing with Mel, so I went over and oh my! Isn't her little girl a doll. Got her mother's eyes for sure.

    Hope your having a good Summer!



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