Imagination and dancing fingers :)

Do you know people who look like birds and insects and your family pet?  What about your thumb? Have you noticed the resemblance of your ole' Aunt Louise? ha!
 I used to make my comb sound like an orchestra and my fingers dance, twirling and swirling across the "stage".
Amazing isn't it what your imagination can conjure up, I suppose that's why kids have such a good time and seem to be in their "own worlds".

Playground Memories by ME
In my head there always was and still  is a party going on without a doubt.  Before computers and phones fit in the palm of your hands----- took  away every blinking thought---- we played with fervor, befitting the envy of any playground.
I'd sit for hours on my porch, the length of a field (to me), putting my grocery store in order for the customers expected to come through the "door".
At other times,  hours would pass by rocking my dolly  for so long it would make your head swim and my "husband"   was expected for dinner at any moment.

Yes, Imagination, I have it, parents, do yourself and your kids a favor, take the phones away, televisions off, and go outside and explore, there is a plethora of things to see and do.  Watch people from the car, if you can, you will notice the majority walking and talking with phones, while babies sit "alone" and dogs are aimlessly walked,  so much is being missed because we are out of tune with what we should be in tune with.
Pie in the Sky by ME
I have a friend who was an art teacher in an elementary school for awhile .  He put a lump of clay in front of about dozen of his pupils and asked them to make whatever they wanted and out of the 12 only two came up with something, the others hadn't a clue where to even begin.
It frustrated  the stuffing out of him, for them. 

I wouldn't trade a moment then for  my prized Macbook Pro now for the imagination I  am able to use on Adobe Illustrator...whoo hoo ........what would be the point! 

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  1. I love your artwork Barb. That header on the blog is really nice too. Did you do that as well?



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