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I haven't been procrastinating or dragging my feet with posting--really.  I just haven't felt like it nor have I felt as if I've had any thing worthy of posting.  In the last so many years I seem to be repeating myself.
BUT the only good thing at this age and for others of the same is when I do..it seems like new NEWS.  HA!

Be that as it may I have tried to put my focus on getting my office ready, studying up on subjects I seem to know only half halfheartedly, or tend to my niece and great niece in residence.
Now that's  new, 2 family members have relocated to the sunshine state from the red and grey   I wouldn't say life has been  boring except for on those days where the rain is thrashing against the windowpanes more oft than not.  No trips to the beach either since moving  due to the crowds and rain.  I've decided there won't be either until school opens it's doors.  Besides it seems once you move here that seems to cease..it's not like your on vacation only if you are on vacation.

And speaking of my office, I am amazed at the timing of God., some call it coincidence, your choice.  I had a renter who recently moved out, who was great at paying her rent on time and considerate in many ways, but towards the end there was some things going awry.  Smells were emanating from the abode upstairs, conversations awaited to be discussed and when they did she gave the discussed amount of time to move and a blank check for replacement. 
unedited photo of table cloth
In the end and past a whole lot of unpleasantness and a new  understanding of people and rules, past many trips to Home Depot I now have my long awaited office.  To say it was worth it makes me pause.  I do believe there could have been other ways to getting there so I hesitate in hip boots of thought. 
Gold and Rhinestone clutch
But the other day I was taking photos  for my website "Our Vintage Table" and noted how nice it was to have some space  designated for my stuff and not worry about it when I walk out knowing It'll be there when I go back in, to carry on as I left it.  If only I had had that when I was baking, a whole other work space for all my pans etc.
I've had people ask ,"Will I ever rent again? " Yes I will, but my rules have been revamped and to those I rent to have changed as well.  As crazy as this sounds I'd prefer a college student..they are real, work, study, hang out, party...and the last one won't happen within my walls.  FER SURE MAN.

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