What kind of grind?

I've been thinking of half a dozens 'isms to grind.  From coffee to Rated X..wow..and we must not forget the nose as well.
I'm on a mad dash to cash.  Leaving school is like leaving your favorite.  Doesn't matter what, just your favorite.  As much as I rushed and worked and bellyached to hurry up and git.  It seems to me it was a far better spot to be in than figuring out what's what.  Oh I'm busy alright, I'm learning too, and this is not a comfort zone fer sure.  I am honing in, fine tuning my craft and very glad at that.  I can see a definite difference. I could do half a dozen freebies but it doesn't pay the light bill. 
Freelancing is the way I'd like to go, but a detour is in order along the way.
In case you're wondering, I'm a web designer/developer, branding, SEO, Social Media, etc. etc. professional type person.   I love the creativity and pawing my way through the halted gears.  This is supposed to be what the general population/business people want, but when you're ready --to do----where is
I'm getting the business side together in a few weeks, my office is coming together about the same time, I'm on my way and I'll be more than happy to feel the trees whirring by and see the coffee rings on table, right next to the signed contracts.!!!  As my daddy used to say... "Ya Git Me?"

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