On with the show

My niece and niecette are about to leave tomorrow.
  It was nice to see them, it's been 4 years since,and it's time to get on with it. There is much to do next week, but first things first---by making this weekend count------.resting.
The weather....dear Florida.....has been rainy every dang day.  Messing up plans, shortening days of good intentions.
Went to the beach on Tuesday, it was lovely but  a storm blew in...weathermen are such liars, it was supposed to be a longer day of sunshine..of course today, is the day of truth.

I'm whooped. 

Yes, it'll be quiet  and the floors will stay uncluttered, the DVD player will long for Monsters, Inc., but I'll be strong. I can handle it. I know eventually they'll be back and by then we'll all be in another phase hopefully better than before, besides,  I'm sure they can't wait for their own pillows and beds, and freedom of space.  It's nice to leave but it's even better getting back.

Happy Trails till we meet again...y'all


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