Toeses and Roses



                          "Not Much Thought Thursday." lol



April Showers bring May Flowers, what do May Flowers bring?

                                                Pilgrims of course!


Roses are Red and Violets are Blue

Sugar is Sweet and so are you!


If Moses supposes his toeses are Roses 

as Moses supposes erroneously

For nobody supposes his toeses are Roses like Moses supposes his toes to be.


Is this on purpose that most of these little ditties have flowers in them?  I'm not sure if I quoted the Moses one correctly, seems like I'm missing something. 

Do you know of any?




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  1. Oh, my goodness. My Grandfather used to tell me that "Mayflower" joke when I was a kid, and I always fell for it. Thanks for reminding me of the laughs!


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