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 Have  you  ever thought about those businesses who give 110%, and while you're thinking, you turn the corner to the big W so you'll save a dime or because it's  convenient?

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I know of a business who has been around for 57 years, 3rd generation.
Cards Opticians,  Onsite (no pun intended) personalized service.   They are in it because they believe in what they do, they love what they do, and they care about their customers.

Please go to Cards Opticians FaceBook page and Like their page.  I'd especially love it if you could/would walk in the door and use their business.  If you are ever in Winter Park, Florida, (for those who aren't) you can.  Tell them Barb sent you.  By liking their page you'll get the latest info on what's going on and what products and services they offer.  (Right now they have a contest)
Skeet Shooting Glasses with Case
They have all types of glasses, for all types of purposes, aside from their large selection of designer wear  they carry a vast assortment of magnifiers for those who need a little ump in that department and If you are a crafter this is the place for you.
They also carry glasses for Skeet shooting, (in the photo) and for those who've had any type of nose surgery --meaning no pressure  on the bridge of their nose.  They even have  prism glasses for those who can't get out of bed, with a very interesting design.
Need  Sports glasses for of all types of sport, they have that too.
 MaxEvent Glasses are pretty interesting, they' re a portable pair of glasses that magnify your vision 2.1X and  focus on objects from distances from 10 feet and further. Just like your own pair of binoculars on your face.  The focus can be adjusted in each eye, they are adaptable to just about anyone.  See you can get those there too.

I'm sure if you run down to the franchise nestled on almost every corner you'll find something there too. More than likely you won't find  this array of  specialized  products and  3 generations standing behind the service they are giving you.  I believe they are giving you the same passion and service the Grandfather and Father gave, and for me, that speaks volumes.
  A good business takes care of their customers and you're greeted by name, you're not a number.  Some say we can't or don't have that any longer.  We do, but you have to make the effort. They are out there.  I would think wherever you live, whether in this country or others, supporting small business, a "mom and pop" is essential knowing you are putting food on someones table and helping them support their own family and way of life while receiving what I would hope is the same great service and product from them.
I've been using Cards Opticians for nearly 30 years.  I'm not disappointed. 

Just awhile ago I was reminded of a family painting business.  McQuistons Painting , Inc.
serving Central Florida for  over 4 decades.  Quality is significant with their name.  They're on FB as well.  It doesn't take much to promote small business.  Word of mouth or word of blog.  Today we have a plethora of choices.

And I can't leave this post without adding a family business.  Gary Lambert Salon and Aveda Store.    One of the top Salons in Florida
The salon is 29 years young and has been in the same location for 29 years. Gary Lambert Salon and AVEDA have been partnered for 27 years.  Gary Lambert Salon is very active in the community along with cancer care support, we support our schools and boys and girls club. The salon mentors young professionals coming into the industry. The Beauty & Fashion industry has been a passion of the salon since the beginning.
Its our pleasure to help u create ur best.
As of Feb. 2013 Consumer Reports Products made in America with Information.


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  1. It feels good to promote businesses that haven't forgotten that profit isn't the whole ball of wax, isn't it.



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