My Hometown, well not mine

The other day while I was checking out some websites for research,  I found this one then ( Click on interactive)  that blew me away. Not at first but further into it did.


I shared it with a number of people who I knew or I hoped would appreciate this type of "project". And the consensus so far is they all did, those that have seen it.

I prefaced it by saying:  It's somewhat of a documentary/website/online album, etc., It has a definite artistic flair/ it's just plain thought provoking and a little odd in it's own way but that is what sets it apart from most.

It is long loading, lengthy in nature,  just be patient and hang in there, if you appreciate this type of thing you'll be glad you did. And for those out there who are in web design and development...  It's a wowser.

I also feel the need to say without spoiling the near end is, "it's not what you can't do but what you can".  


This is making a Connection, you'll understand after you see it , why, and then go to that link as well.  




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  1. If anyone else is hesitating about going to that site, please don't. It's one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. Thanks again, Barbara!


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