Destruction heals slow

I want to lift up in acknowledgement and prayer, to all those who suffered from  the goings on concerning the bombing at the Boston Marathon. 

 I don't want to focus on the pathetic ones who caused the wreckage of life and limbs.


  I d like to direct you to one account from a fellow blogger and his wife who experienced this first hand.    I'm sure he isn't the only blogger but he is the only one I know of.

He also has written an article accepted by the Boston Globe of this account.  

First let me say his blog is Suldog, and he's a crusty, interesting, no holds barred kind of guy and he probably on occasion spits nails and eats rust, how refreshing. 

His link to the article from his blog is here .   



  have always felt this way about those infected by the vermin that eats away at our reality.  I don't want to know about those that caused it. I realize we need to be educated and can be without the sensationalism.   I believe that idiocy of the media has eroded our sensitivity.  Not so much those causing carnage of all kinds but by the thrill of the written word.  In some way it has held hands. 
The worse kind of person who takes our routine and molds it into a nightmare is the worse kind of bones, unworthy of being called human.  

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