Bobbing and Bending

Busy Busy, seems to be the tone for this past week.  I don't mind really, but physical busy isn't my cup of tea.   


I think it's time to get in the pool, the weather is changing to very warm  so I suppose I won't feel like a Popsicle when entering...at least not too much .  

Water exercise is best form of exercise I know  and sweating is unheard of, it never feels like you've done too much,until you walk up the steps and get out.  It feels like lead weights, but it's worth it.  The only drawback to exercising in the pool where I do this is the weather.  


Indoor pools are fine, but in most places, have a fee and you have to drive to get there and  for me, they are too shallow.  I like deep when I exercise.

not my pool

The point to all this is-- I felt every muscle I didn't know I owned while walking more than I had planned in a day.  I knew this was going to happen, my profession is a "sit down" kind and unless you limit your intake and add exercise then FAT is where it sat.     :)


I'm ready...Marco!

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