Oh Happy Day

Happy Easter!
Thank goodness this isn't like Christmas where you have to watch your Happy Holiday/Merry Christmas greeting.( Which I don't any longer)  This is straight up Happy Easter.
Is it " He has Risen" versus "WhatdidyougetinyourEasterbasket?" 
What I like about this day is you can have both, where you place the importance, is up to you and your decisions. 

I have many happy memories of this season. They are probably not what you would expect
late 60's Easter Sunday me, Terry, sister Jackie and Brenda
but they are mine.
  I remember my patent leather Mary Jane's and lacy anklets.  My new white hat and slip that held my little dress-- out.  All the better to twirl in. 
One year I had a parasol purse with a drawstring, back in the day/the early 60's when everything was in it's place-----it was the slicked back hair, pin curled, Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy era.  Homemade.

Mike, me, Jackie, Mom & Brenda '59 Donnell Pond
Which gives reason why most women had this etched smiled on their face.  That was probably the only way they could keep their eyes open. LOL  Try   raising a brood of
children, ironing, washing, gardening, canning,...need I go on? :)

My past memories  are of the feel good kind.  Happy Easter was Happy Easter with dyed eggs thrown in and sugary Peeps and jelly beans  a must-have.  Parents did all the work
and the kids just helped to  clean up -sometimes.
  Being a kid then was good times and Holidays of any kind made it better.

 I remember my kids all "gussied up" for their own Easters, my son in his new blue suit which he wasn't happy about andmy daughter's curls taking center stage.

I miss my dad's Ham with Raisin gravy, and before you turn your nose up, let me tell you, I hate raisins, but they added such an amazing flavor to the juices from the Ham, a salty sweet taste....He was THE gravy maker at all the family dinners.  I could go on and on and stumble
Mike, me Dad, summers day.
from one memory and holiday to another.
 I could sit here with intermittent smiles and at the same time have tears streaming down my face.  As with most holidays  I long for those not with us any longer, fellowshiping of those times, and Gravy.

Happy Easter  to you and yours and pass the sugar, please.

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  1. Easter used to be a big deal when I was a kid too. Like so many things, it seems to have gone the commercial route to point of ruin. We spent the long weekend in London as it was our tenth wedding anniversary, so no Easter eggs for me. I did go to church yesterday though to make up for not having attended on Easter Sunday. I think a certain Someone will understand.

    Happy Easter Barb!

    Ali x


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