A is for Achieving.
B is for Believing
C is for Consistency
D is for Dogged tired
E is for Elevating your thoughts
F is Figuring out your problems
G is for Going the distance
H is for Higher thinking
I is for I can
J is for Just one more
K is for Kicking that negative attitude
L is for Light by night to read.
M is for Magnificent..no reason
N is for Not nearly enough time to finish all I need to do.
O is for OMG how many times I could have.
P is for Panic --will I finish?
Q is for Quake, the earth will seem to when I finish.
R is for Really believing.
S is for Sight, to focus on.
T is for Teachers, could have done it without you.
U is for U all who have been a driving force.
X is the spot.
Y is a necessary question.
Z is the Zenith, the quest.

This was the first thing that popped in my mind...You try it.. my thoughts were directed at finishing school.  Do it for whatever is your focus.  It's kind of like the ink blot test....sorta.

The next thing on my list

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