Random Thoughts Pt. 2

I had a whopping  1 person comment who liked my R.T.'s and I'm very happy about that.  One is awesome, much better than none.  :)
He requested  more random thoughts; I'll try, I'll have to dig in the vault for these.  They don't come as easily.
Some R.T.'s might offend, just know it's not intended, if there are thoughts from my past I wasn't perfect,   I lived through the 70's, and if I remember anything, it's a miracle......That should be explanation enough.

I was always told I should say nice things about people even though you'd rather not.   I had to think real hard with certain people.   For instance, my mother in law.  (Out of respect for the rest of the family members that I still speak to I'll not mention names. )
My MIL was your typical meanie MIL, and right from the start.  I was shy and that didn't help  at all.  Skip through so many years .....and still mean,  I wasn't as shy,......long story short...the only nice thing I could think of to say a was....."she made great mashed potatoes." 

When my then bf, turned husband, before he turned gay,  lived together in the coolest apartment above a garage. ( Two bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen, hard wood floors, living room, for $65.00/month.)
The Party-Gary and Steve-"75
We decided to see how long we could "continue a party".
I think "The Party" lasted a month.  It went on and on... we still worked too!  Just know, no one was harmed during the process, except possibly my memory of everything that happened. (I wrote about that party on one of my other blogs The Chocolate Book,  I've since closed it due to lack of time.) 

I never understood completely what my mother was referring to when she said she didn't recognize the person in the mirror not being herself.   Finally, I understood the human spirit, our soul, and how it can live on without our body. 

I just know if I would have pursued dance when I was little, I'd now
be dancing on the stage...(no-I wouldn't be including a pole in the routine), it would've included tap shoes and maybe ballet.  I always seemed to get a charlie horse when I pointed my toes.  Ha!

When I was little I thought when you turned on the TV, the movie star who was on the screen automatically appeared and was performing. (wherever) It was magic.  If he or she would've been in the bathroom it could have been interesting..but not then, because they didn't show much of the BR back then.

I loved cowboys and Indians.  It was probably odd for a girl to love that but I did.  No I'm not gay.  I loved the crunch of the boots to the gravel and the sound of the horses clomping.  I loved Rowdy Yates, who didn't.. . ..and the dust in the air.  I wanted to be Annie Oakley so bad and when I was in 2nd grade I had the guns and the hat for a skit we were doing.  My imagination wasn't lacking.

Another thing I loved was when the ladies who wore high heels would scuff or drag them while walking. I mean, they would cause this sound that I thought was the coolest.  Ever.
When I became of age to wear them, I did it too.

I love to watch old movies and discover movie stars who were no one then.  They were honing in on their craft.  I think character actors have the best of both worlds.

 I'll do a part 3 on Random Thoughts.  It's much easier than writing a complete thought.  :)





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  1. I am proud to have been the one. Also saddened that I was the ONLY one. Your random thoughts are wonderful. And since my entire existence is basically made up of random thoughts, I... oh, look, a butterfly!


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