A Long Day Off

Sur-prise sur-prise sur-prise, and not as daft as  Gomer saying it, I might add.

My surprise came by way of not having my head in the clouds as you might think, and instead having them in a book/computer for school.  It was 10 minutes before school was over for the day, being Friday it was more than welcomed.   When Julia, my classmate, came up to me while my ears were jamming to something, and I was trying to keep up and absorb the info for creating your own Contact page, she said, "Have a nice Thanksgiving".  I found that a little odd considering she could have said that on Monday. " But we don't have school next week."

  That got my attention and relief fell all over me.  Whoo hoo!.  I wished her well and others and focused my eyes back to my task to cram in as much as I could.  

What a gift.  My feet are dancing the two step in my mind.  I have needed this break more than you can imagine.  It is awesome learning new things but it is exhausting as well.  Especially since I'm hauling ass to meet a deadline.  (sorry)  And I am at that

Not only can I clean, bake, visit and eat Turkey but hopefully accomplish the 3 things I've decided will move me along before school starts.  There is much to be done, and much not to do.

  Today I'm cleaning my house and relaxing too.  It's 3:00 and I'm still in the jammies, windows opened, breeze is luscious flowing through the house and no plans on what's going on in the next moment. 

I"m pleased to inform the rest of the day continued on in the same manner of nothing nothing and more of nothing and a few somethings, with a trip to the store much later and through the take out line.  

That was bliss. 

I'd like to take this time to wish all of you a very
 Happy Thanksgiving.

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