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Do you ever look at certain people and notice they resemble a bird or a bug.  If they're lucky a cat or a dog.

I've always thought if "they" were to remake a movie with Ginger Rogers in her younger years, that Jennifer Anniston, should play her.  Their mannerisms are spot on.

Do you ever know that you know that you know that you know that "whatever" is going to happen and there isn't a darn thing you can do about it?

Do you ever feel that you look  thinner after one exercise session?  

Sometimes I know I can draw until I do.   Stick people are nice!

When I was devoid of experience, I thought I could lose weight by eating ice cream.  We have a fabulous ice cream shop where I'm from and I wanted to try each sundae and slim jim, and flavor, and I  thought if I only ate that I'd lose weight, or some such nonsense.  Believe it or not I did, of course that was during the time, I think, when my home was spotless and I moved as fast as the Road Runner  due to pharmaceutical aides.  

I still think I'm cool.  Even if others might not, does it really matter?  I enjoy my classic rock at high decibels while I'm designing and there's a regular party going on..until the ear phones come out and normal sets in and I'm the uncool according to some, I'm sure.  We, the world today judge each other by our looks, our age, our income, our outcome.... too bad for them. 

I remember standing in the back yard when I was young wishing so bad to be an adult so things would be wonderful and life would be great and you could eat anything you wanted and do anything you wanted.

I remember when I thought I invented the "F" word, I honestly and truly thought I made it up and when I said that word to my mom boy did I get in big trouble.  I guess I didn't  invent it. 

I remember flying down the sidewalk with my skates squishing my toes through my shoes and my skate key flying around my neck.  Then afterwards when I took my skates off that cool feeling of still feeling like I was flying down the sidewalk. 

I miss hanging out with my brother, we had some great times playing outside when we were kids.  We made the best snow forts with a pile of snowballs ready to blast the  neighbor kids. 

We stomped the snow off our boots on the landing before the 3 steps to the kitchen where hot chocolate was waiting to warm us.

....to be continued.......

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