So much Variety

What or who is your favorite in terms of music?

I've realized I'm as eclectic in my music as the furnishings in my home.  I suppose I've always been this way but lately have noticed the hodgepodge of musical notes.

For instance, I was listening to Il Volo.  If you have never heard of them you must run, whether it's finger or legs to the playlist/store.  They are a trio of young men from Italy, bursting forth with classical songs and oozing with the true God given passion and romance exuding from within.  I swoon when I listen to them, almost with guilt because of their age.  I hear what I hope for in my heart, I believe most would too.

Crossing the bridge to another type of music, we revert to Classic Rock.  I can work away for hours on my laptop for school with this playing.  The rawer the better.  My kids would faint, to be sure.
Give me, Lynrd Skynrd,  The Grateful Dead, Aerosmith....etc...and then way back to Janet's first performance at the Montery Pop Festival 1967, singing "Ball and Chain".

Oh Dean honey, back to the Italians with the passion...love him... Singing Sway......

So much talent, such variety.  I've only touched the surface.  I'll leave it at that...maybe pickup on more in another post.


  1. My musical tastes vary WIDELY. I can go from Enya to Rolling Stones to Classical without a problem. I guess that makes us more interesting individuals, wouldn't you say? Variety is good! So much good music out there and great talent it would be a shame to listen to only one type!

  2. My tastes are quite eclectic, I believe. My collection ranges from heavy metal to classical, with stops in-between for jazz, blues, show tunes, big band/swing, crooners... My least favorite forms are the modern sorts of dance music (think disco, hip-hop, or rap, perhaps) but even those genres will have a gem or two in them that I enjoy.


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