I said Busy not Dizzy

Been busy, how about you all?  School is taking up time, I'm trying to jam information into my grey cells.  This puts me in mind of my kids when they were being spoon fed.  You'd put the food in and it would ooze back out and you'd scrape it up and jam it back in.   That's what I feel like learning all this stuff.  I take a little in and cram a little more in and feel pretty good if one or two items have remained.

the prodigal son :)
And then Labor Day weekend was busy, I had to get ready for a wedding.  I really didn't do a lot but it felt like I did.  I had a pedicure, it was great,  and then Taryn, a new student of the nail business  and family friend,  gave me a manicure.  She did a great job, we're working on   taking photos for her new  blog,Taryn's Nail Couture  , she's been  busy with nail school during the summer and the start of school this fall so getting the blog loaded with photos and alot of  other goodies has been a slow process.  
 Then  my son surprised us on Monday, it was so nice to see him, it really doesn't matter how old our kids are just the excitement of being in the same room with them is what matters.

Billy Ho has it so rough
School is my main focus right now,( I guess I've said that), I'll be having a change of scenery because I'm house sitting  for almost two weeks.  I need that, I'll also have my pet fix too, 3 dogs, 2 cats.   I'll come home like I've had my own VA CA without any credit card charges. 
  I appreciate their trips.

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  1. I wouldn't mind being Billy Ho right about now. Looks comfy!


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