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Occasionally I've given some thought to what type of  person/ grandparent type  I 'd want to be when I grow down?  Since I"m growing older it has to be down instead of up, I'm already up. You see...the only way to go full circle is to grow down when getting older because if we are small and we grow up- that's only half the picture so we have to grow down when we get older.....see?

  I won't  have much control of my overall shrinkage and spray sizing doesn't work,  so in this case, maybe an elevator shoe or heel would do the trick, but basically it'll look like the cap was removed and all the air let out.     I definitely don't want to be so stretched either like Joan Rivers,  to the point  if one stitch  snaps I could find my skin down near my ankles. 

 I believe I can grow old gracefully  if I have a say in it BUT the question still remains what TYPE of older person do I want to be?  If there was a section in Sears and Roebuck with types it would be much easier but since there isn't, I compiled a few.

Do I want to be the Miss Marple type,  each thought carefully worded, deducing who killed whom or where or what she is knitting ?  (Knitting isn't my thing,  I've tried it and crocheting, not so bad but I don't want to do that either.)
  Do I want to be  this character in the photo, all glitz and glam with a punch line and a cigarette ash ready to fall  in almost every scene?
 Do I want to be the Grandma type with a tray of cookies fresh out of the oven and a storybook in my hand or the traveler with a camera around my neck instead of a necklace?
I know of one young grandma who's a Triathlete, that's already a nada for me, I can't swim well, running is definitely out and biking ha!  But good for her, she's amazing.

I'm still not sure which one I'd choose  but bits and pieces of each one  sounds good to me (minus the cigarettes).   I'm sure my personality will be even more defined once I've truly grown down.

 In this  youth driven world where gadgets and technology seem to  rein  I tend to fall back on  this quote;
"Logic will get you from A to Z  but Imagination will get you everywhere. " 
                                                        Albert Einstein

 It's obvious that imagination has played a great part in many of these characters.   My imagination is not an issue, it's overactive if anything so I'll keep on perfecting my Jessica Fletcher persona of Cabot Cove or whomever I can come up with,  but whatever it is, I know I'll be colorful and busy.  Of this I have no doubt.  
Gr. Grandma Linnie Mae Meyer Hawk and Clem 2nd husband.   The cookie and book grandma


  1. I've never thought of ageing as "growing down"..LOL! Though I am shrinking is some areas.

    The stereotypical OAP, isn't any more. However wrinkly the exterior, you can't stop a great mind!

    Me, I plan on having a disgraceful old age.

    Ali x

  2. I just want to be the grandma that's involved with my kiddos and their families and would take the grand kids out to do things and make memories. I guess health to do all those things is the number one thing on my list.

  3. Since I am without issue, I don't expect to be a Grandpa. However, I would be an extremely cool one - equal parts old-time wisdom and advice, and also eccentric (but never embarrassing in public!)

    That's what I tell myself, anyway.


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