Passion in Motion

Making Raviolis
I love my kids.  I love their passion in how they approach things.  It doesn't matter what things, be it work or play, because they come by it honestly,  they come from a passionate set of parents. 

My son is a Chef  errrr  make that Executive Chef.    From his title you know where his passion lies.  Other than the kitchen it literally starts from the farm up.
 Marshal Arts,  played a significant role in his discipline in the food world and the result is a beautiful creation of pasta, pork, and beyond. 

Orlando Ballet Ballerinas- Makeup
My daughters passion is makeup and she's just as particular in applying as the Chef is in plating.  She has the "eye" and it comes to her naturally, as natural as the curl she was born with.
 I see her approach her family, a gathering, whatever it is, the same way; in thought, I see her at the edge of a pool preparing for the dive.  Her splash will be her own.

In a  blink of the eye they were little toddling about and/ or running into a tree and then I turned around ( while standing in the emergency room) and they're grown. Time has wings.
Our roles are playing like a dance and the steps are slowing melting into other roles, passion doesn't change with age, it grows mellow and is more defined, slightly flexible, and doesn't hesitate to try something new.  It's the play on words of old, dogs, tricks, new.

They're choices, passions will dance the same dance and in turn they'll see the slowed down more mellow version of what they know and love and hopefully not hesitate to try something new.
I'm sure they will.  

Apps Apps Apps

Stelllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa Actually it's Steller, with an e-r- Steller is an app for your smart phone and it's a cool thing...