Share our Strength The Great American Bake Sale

Let's help end childhood hunger in the USA.

I decided to take on the task of holding a bake sale to raise money for the title cause, and to start now due to the overwhelming amount of tasks that lie ahead  in the months to come. 

I know it's a little odd that I'm adding this bit of info after the last post.  But this is way different.
 I'm have no plans of  baking ,there are others ready willing and able.
I know this guy, who has a big heart for certain causes and he's no novice when it comes to fundraising.  He was nominated for the Jefferson Award,  a few years back.   That's a very big deal, but he's very low key kind of guy when he does help.   I told him what I was planning to do and thankfully, it didn't take any convincing.  It was  the kids, not me.  I'm very okay with that, that's why I'm doing it too.  I'm very happy to say Gary Lambert Salon,   is helping with this cause. 
He was one of the first to join a pilot program for cancer patients called “Look Good, Feel Better.” More than two decades later, he’s still donating products and services to women devastated not only by the way cancer makes them feel, but also how it makes them look. He was awarded the prestigious Jefferson Award for his efforts.     -original article written by Tom Dyer (full article)

If you're interested in making a donation, ( link to site below) then all I can say is Thank you So Much. 
 The actual day of the bake sale hasn't been determined as of yet, although we do know the month,  and it will be held  in December.  That's the beauty of this cause, you can go online and donate anytime, you don't really have to be there or consume calories.

 The website  available for the cause accommodates those, like myself, willing to  help by providing you with your own web page and all kinds of other neat stuff to make it easier to focus on the bake sale and keep everything straight.    Isn't that great?

Here's the link ( my page)  for Share our Strength The Great American Bake Sale, - The Land of Sweets.
Just know this.  You never know who is without food.  It could be your neighbor, the kid that sits next your yours in school or who you pass on  the street.
 It's great to help those all over the world, but this time we get to help those here in America.  This is  just as huge.

If you're interested in helping to end childhood hunger in America,  at any time of year it's an easy process to sign up
What better way to meet new people, make money for a great cause, and to have a great excuse to buy chocolate. 

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