Aliens and Cones

It's like this.  I tried,  according to the directions to make those ice cream cone cupcakes.  Let me just say...who in all of creation came up with those thing, and  why did I get this hair brained notion I could make them?   Actually I did make them, but frosting them is a horse of a different color.
 I already dislike making cupcakes and I turned the knife by making these.  They're now in a bowl without the cones waiting to be made into an ice cream cake.
wavy blue frosting Oreo crunch
My darling daughter wanted a sheet cake for the kid, and she said blue would be nice too. Am I blue for blue?  lol.
I morphed all the instructions  into the aforementioned with a couple of extra 10x10 cakes...needless to say...I don't like making sheet cakes either and  blue food coloring is not my favorite.  I know it's not about me and it's not about what I want.  Sometimes I forget.   Bottom line, I like it when people say to me,  make me a cake, I can't have raisins or nuts other than that do what you want.  Heaven,  I love orders like that.    ----What's my favorite you say?  Well, it's round layer cakes---since you asked. lol
a lot of frosting
 As of now,  I've gone through 4 lbs of butter, 2 large bags of powdered sugar, lots of vanilla, a vat of marshmallow cream, some cream cheese and a lot of dish soap. No not in the mix and  I smell like frosting. 

Kids are brutally honest and I'm a little  scared, I'm sure she'll take one look at this cake and declare, "What's that?"  She is a very honest child.  This is my grandest kid I'm talking about.

The Grandest Kid and Darling Daughter, a silly photo
Yesterday I went to Michael s, to purchase cake boards, I just happen to have half a dozen round and naturally didn't have the square kind that I needed. The prices on cardboard are outrageous.  Before the boom in baking hit  I used to make my own from scrap boxes.  It was fine, they were covered with foil, but  then Collette Peters and others took the market by storm and now we pay through the nostrils for things.  I'm sure it must be Martha s fault, sorry Collette.   
 I think beings on some other planet are watching us while they're sitting around in our socks drinking  water we've purchased and they thought the cardboard thingies might be interesting entertainment.:)

The neighbor declared my cakes a success and I'm taking her word for it.  Granted, they don't look like my shoes or  the sofa I'm sitting on.  Since when or what day was it that cakes had to look like something other than cake.  I've always enjoyed making a cake that taste good and looks good too, forget that it has to look like something.  I'm not knocking those who make a living at it, it's just not for me.

The party was nice, the kids had a blast in the super slide, the cake was eaten and the BBQ was to die for.  Sometimes we worry about the silliest things...    ha!

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