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Today is the mixer for my class reunion, in Ohio.  I'm not there, I'm here. 
my home
There are a few reasons why I couldn't go,  I was supposed to be in school this summer and when that was a no go from our illustrious leaders in Tallahassee, well, it just made things a little more intense here on the home front.  I had to buckle down and get with the program.
I still have much to do,and  it doesn't help when on some days I have the attention span of a gnat.
 I've managed to cut back my volunteer hours and I've been gradually readjusting to that.  I've signed up to Host the  Great American Bake Sale.  (You can donate now online to The Land of Sweets the actual bake sale will be in December)

I've got the oldies station on ITunes, it's called "Radio Vietnam".
I've been whooshed back and forth to the 60's and  70's.   I think I just smelled my mothers cooking.  Wish I could've stayed  and had dinner, I'd have given her a hug as well as the rest of my family.    I suppose it could happen depending on what songs playing.
BL 1972 FHS
It's more of an emotional weekend  than I imagined.  I didn't think it would bother me,it's probably  the "unknown.

 I'm imagining the grads  walking up to the sign in table, with the  helpers, two of them,  with their lists and a stack of tags expressly for the  lapel or corsage...Who needs a name tag?  why we'd all look like we stepped outta the year book. Smiles.
I'm now picturing my friend dancing, and I have a smile the size of the bridge in SF.    Funny.    He  really get's into it...
That's my senior photo, I realized it's the very reason you shouldn't put naturally curly hair in rollers, but it was the era to have that kind of hair.  Not long after I got my first shag haircut and haven't looked back.  Nary a roller or blow dryer ever touches my hair.  Good for me.

around Van Buren Lake in the rain
I've thought of some of my classmates in school, a few of us, very few, still communicate.  Some I've lost touch with; FB has helped immensely with bringing people together.  
The photo on the left is right out of high school, with  me on the left, Tonia, Grace, and Steve.  We haven't seen each other in years...... My friend Steve, ( not in my grad class) passed away in 2000.. what an artist, what a guy. 
Yesterdays clarity turns into today's faded memories.
That's Linda,  on the right, "being bad", yeah, that was the extent of our badness...sitting on the grass when there's a sign that says "don't." or in a phone booth.    She' s the one I've stayed connected with all these years.  She really hasn't changed a bit, she's still giggles the same and all that.  I saw her once a few years ago and she's definitely still Linda.
the quiet protest  :)
Don't know if she decided to go to the reunion, she talked about it.
  I'm anxiously, jealously, ( not that I'm proud to admit that),await the stories of  the who's, what's, why's, from my friend.  He wanted to go to see people he hadn't seen in years and those he's connected with as well on FB,  and then to put some things to rest or  behind him. 
That's all  most of this free world wants to do because high school sucks for most of us.  If you were the popular kid, it probably didn't, unless you had mommie dearest waiting for you at  home.  Whatever the case may be, we're all the same, whether we admit it or not, some were just shier than others and some more confident.  It's  living life that makes us realize, life isn't the Friday night football games or your not always gonna be prom queen, ( I think ours was definitely the right pick though, sweet girl), life doesn't play favorites.
What I've loved about getting to know, as best you can, the people I've friended on FB, from high school, is, I'm now acquainted with those I wouldn't have had the courage to talk to in the halls.
 People have changed  or maybe it's because I've changed, I've crawled out from behind the wallpaper and now I know "I'm Ok". 
In Memory to all of those who attended in our hearts and minds from  FHS,  the Class of  '72

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