What's your favorite movie?

 What reaches inside your very being,  picks you up and places you in another time and place?
What tickles your funny bone?
What or who makes you smile?
 Who causes your heart to skip a beat, walking in unison, could it be a  romance from another time and place,  you could swear you felt the air pass between the both of you.
What's your favorite era?  Your favorite genre?

Do you do like I do,  watch this movie over and over or is once enough? 
Movies can transport us so much so we  feel  process  while watching the screen, such as the case at an Imax movie. 

I like happy, feel good movies.  Recently, I watched  "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel", I'll be getting that one, loved it,  I could watch it endlessly.
Love the Hero movies, there have been quite a few out in the last year or so, top notch.
 Of course the all time favorite for family movies was and is "The Goonies"," Honey I Shrunk the Kids", "The Princess Bride",  & "Home Alone".  I could dig a little deeper in the vault but I'm not going to, that's a good start.
"Bridge over the River Kwai", was a movie I used to watch, I don't know why because it's so far away from the type I like.  I used to watch war movies when I was younger, maybe because the choices on television were less with fewer stations than now. I also think I didn't fully realize the  reality of war movies even though the Vietnam War was raging on. 

I love "How to Make an American Quilt", the scene in the car on the way to the pool with Ellen Burstyn, Anne Bancroft, Wynona Ryder, where they were singing...good times. ( see the movie)
I could be here all night listing moments in movies that touch home, but I know everyone has their own fav's as well.  Each person, scene, memory, like smells and sights in your home town.  Each takes you back for different reasons.  I love the feel good moments.  
I'll refrain from listing the crap that also happens but it boils down to choices.  Whatever your choice is,  make it a memory.

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