My Shopping List

I'm church shopping.

It's been a long time, I never expected to have to do this, but change happens unexpected or not and I've come to this road on my own.  It's been a long time of making this decision.  I don't like change, but my life has had change thrust upon it, why should church be any different.
I'm looking for a church with all the right attributes to start with.  If they 're just a  building and don't believe in the Big 3, and think the Bible is nada then that's an automatic big fat NO!.
I'm looking for the Big 3, Bible truth, and a warm congregation with all it's strengths and weaknesses, community within and out.  I'm looking for a Pastor who doesn't reside on his throne, because he isn't suppose to.  I'm looking for an eye to eye approach.

That's about it, I'm not worrying about the later of the details I'm pretty sure I'll be led to the right place where I'm suppose to be.  It's been a long time and I'm ready.

The last time church shopping was on the list we were all a family.  The kids and husband were tidy and lined up on the pew.  It's just me now, I've had to learn to go it alone and I'm capable, much water under the dam and the creek is pretty clear on which way the current  flows.

It's time.

Apps Apps Apps

Stelllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa Actually it's Steller, with an e-r- Steller is an app for your smart phone and it's a cool thing...