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Are they that bored?

 Rubbish seems to be in every thing, affecting us all as well as infecting us.  Granted, there are publications out "there" with journalists that have standards with better things to write about.
 So many years ago  The National Enquirer, and a few others were the only rags you could find parting nonfiction from fiction. Not true now,  even the newspapers are weighted down with hollow vane garbage talking about someone dating or breaking up or about their change in hair color.   I couldn't care less.
 Somewhere a long the way news started to resemble the information you'd usually get second hand in a back alley.
I took a screenshot of the latest dark alley from TNE

It's unfortunate trees have laid down their bark to make way for useless information.  I would assume used in some cases for filler and filler it should be.  Hey, whose full of sap now?

 Those who call themselves journalists say they write, yes they do, but quality versus quantity is another matter so  it baffles me how they stoop so low to print the trash they do.
   Call the chiropractor.
Why stop there, when it comes to garbage writing, it's like a fungus which has seeped into almost every part of our life.  It's in ads, tv, radio, billboards, movies, etc.   Unless you shut down or turn off and wear blind folds, a little difficult to do when you drive, you rarely can get away from it.  

We wouldn't consume garbage or junk food every day, why do we let our eyes see and our mind absorb the clutter.  Why would we let our eyes read what we wouldn't eat.
I thought I'd share a few examples of what I've run into online, because I don't read newspapers and rarely watch a news channel.  I just happen to see a few of these by just checking my email on Yahoo or the latest weather report.

The first is an awe inspiring  video of a young teen  walking for the first time. A feel good moment, filling the air with positive vibes.  In many parts of the world, everyday in someones life there's nothing but negative so if one shiny ray by way of a positive news blurp, ad, or otherwise can change even a nanosecond in a dreary steady stream of gray, and we can only hope that would set off a chain reaction of good instead of all the bad.

The second is crap.  Lindsay Lohan and her life.  It isn't that I dislike her, I really have little feelings either way, I wish her well, I'd actually like to hear if she's doing something positive  for a change either with her life or in her life;  but the media has contributed their nonstop rant on every little thing she has done, be it right or wrong; we saw the same thing with Brittany Spears among others, and contributing to the demise of Princess Diana.  The media can say what they want, but they hounded her to death.

I also thought news stations as well as papers were supposed to remain neutral when it comes to... lets say the election, I noticed the last election how non neutral it was.  Since then  I've stopped reading and listening to quite a few online newspapers and most of the channels on tv.  I choose not to fill my ears with their slanted information.  I was also surprised at  AARP  as well.

I went online and googled good news and found The Great News Network .  I really didn't expect to find anything worthwhile but was pleasantly surprised.

The Great News Network is meant to supplement your daily news sources - not replace it. It's role      is to show that there is hope, people are making a difference, and that a lot of things are getting better. Optimism is a great catalyst for making the world a better place. When we can see there is hope, then we'll be more compelled to make the effort to do our part. 

We need to be informed; I like to hear what's going on in the world, but every single  negative piece of information  everyday wears on the soul.    And we are buying into it.  I'm so tired of the media playing with my mind, convincing me I need this or gotta have that.  No more.

Would it be shocking  if I said I am a Christian.  Even if I wasn't I know I wouldn't like a lot of the mass media garbage, and also because of the mass media  I don't like people telling me what to do anyway.  It doesn't matter what walk of life you are on or in, no one needs this much negative daily.  It's just not healthy.
 On occasion I will watch or read  CBN, Christian Broadcast News.  A slightly different look at issues on the nightly news.  Things you won't read or hear about because Christianity is so looked down on everywhere.   Don't get me started. Why is it okay to talk about just about any subject now but not about Christianity at any level?
This may be about a negative situation but it's one that affects the women there, and put here to create a positive.  There is a difference.  We need to know how to choose.  I hope things change for them.
I started this post  because I was tired  of all the negative and then one word led to another. I tend to do that, but  I believe this is a serious issue, I hear others talk about it.  If nothing else we need to take hold of our remotes and opt out (wouldn't that be really nice)of certain stations that were subliminally meant to bring us down. (I know this is a controversial subject as well,   I googled it and found some articles about  how the enemy used subliminal messages against their captors during various wars as well as being used in cults, etc.)

  Life isn't fairy tale by any means, and we don't have all the answers, ( hey, I definitely don't)  but  if you feel as if you can't lift one foot in front of the other, if you've tried everything........  you have to start somewhere. 

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  1. I understand your frustration with the media. You wouldn't believe how many publications in the U.K. are dedicated solely to promoting the celeb culture. I was astonished at the range of them, all with basically the same stories, when I first moved here nearly a decade ago. And they haven't shrunk in number either.

    The mainstream media, especially print, is to my Canadian mind, mostly a collection of one columnist or other's opinion. I'm not sure they could find a fact if it hit them in the face. And so much of it is sensationalized and designed to irritate people, rather than inform them. I put that down to their beginnings a couple of centuries ago when the so-called "broadsheet" was introduced to England. Think of it as a very early glimpse of the National Enquirer. TV news I tend to avoid on the grounds that it's just depressing. Even the addition at the end of the news of a "human interest" story, the sort meant to lift your spirits, seems to be something they can't or won't do.

    Thanks for the link to the Good News site. I knew there was something out there other than the usual Bad News Press, but I'd forgotten the name.

    In the meantime, you can always hit "off" on the remote and go read a good book. LOL!

    Ali x


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