A Few of the A-tions...like Imagination, Vacation...

It's summer Va Ca ...and if I was twenty something the party would've already started long before the school door slammed.  But I'm not but I can still do my now own version of taking it easy.

I plan on combining a little fun with a little work and adding some tan lines, while visiting a few friends who really aren't that far away and celebrating some birthdays too.   So basically it's all year crammed into a few months before school beckons me again in the fall.

In the meantime I found this website through a friend on FB and wanted to share it with y'all..I love the off the wall creativity of this guy.  I can relate, because I'm from an era where imagination was a necessity.
It's called Bent Objects,;if only the kids of today ( I realize it isn't all of them) could walk out beyond their own personal leash and see the art in what's surrounding them.  Art is in all forms, and yes there are some sickos out there that like to show us more than we care to see.  I suppose even they deserve a kudos, I just don't want to see it.  ha ha

Great talk, take a moment listen...enjoy.

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