Do you just sit there and oggle or what?

Hey, Here's a quick comment, something to think about next time you're  in public and you see that someone is having a difficult time; possibly with a package for example or another person with  "normal" things due to their disability.  What should you do?  What does your heart say to do?
Sometimes the obvious can be right in front of your face, your instincts pick up on it long before your eyes have had a chance to send what they saw to the brain.....what do you do?

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  1. If I think anyone might do with some help, I offer it. Doesn't matter if the person is fully able, disabled, differently-abled, or anything else. And, if they don't want or need the help, they say so. I'm always solicitous of the other person's feelings, though. I always ask, never just do it.


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