I am my own Rembrandt

Life can imitate art.  No truer statement exists, it was invented because of the artistic nature of my family.  We are art.
Maybe that isn't entirely true, but it should be.

Family Circus  is a cartoon that represents life and the antics of everyday life. Life is never the same on any day.

 Life can be planned out but never expect it to go the way it's planned.  Generally if you do expect it to be the way you want it too it will leave some type of casualty.  Go with a somewhat organized flow chart and then be wise enough to live with results.

The photo on my blog could never have been planned.  It was an impromptu shot.  I have no idea who took the photo, I was a young-un when it was snapped.
Much was happening, I'm sure a football game was going on, my young Aunt and Uncle were amorously conversing, other cousins were lounging, some serious in their play or questions.  I'm not entirely sure, all you have to do is look at it and you can make up your own story.

Is your life, your family a circus?  Do you have 3 rings broiling while under your big top? I cannot imagine life any other way.
I've shared the crazy goings on in my family, the very definite unconventional family.  I'm not used to any other way.

 Personally, I think even the most laid back families have a slower circus, more like a crock pot.  I'm not so sure that's such a good thing.  Crock pot leads me to envision a stewing, a slow simmer, and then something/someone is gonna explode...give me the circus...generally the big show will ensue, the popcorn will be crumbs, soda cans crumbled and then it's time to move on...I mean it never hurts to slow things down, like attending the ballet....but then that's another story.


  1. Wow, I used to love Family Circus! Is it still being done?


  2. I've never had too much of the "circus" experience. I'm an only child, and there were few family get-togethers where things became hectic or chaotic, even though I have a fair number of cousins.

    Truthfully, I prefer it my way. I think most of us consider our normal as "normal", and everybody else's as "not normal"?


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