On any given day you could probably hear me complain about some part of my anatomy, whether it's too big, too small, too this or that.

I'm sure most of you do the same in one form or another.   It's what we do for the most part, we're complainers.  If we had gold feet we'd complain they were too bright and wouldn't go with the silver ankle bracelet or whatever the case may be, it sounds silly and it is,  but you can usually count on  Rosanne Rosesannadanna  making a visit.  Why?  Because , if it's not one thing it's anoooother .  We might think we are justified  to the nth degree, but one look at Rosanne be it the former and we end up sounding like a winy bunch of 3 year olds.

Nick Vujicic,  came to my church, in fact for the second time just last week.  I had heard of him before, what a great guy, great sense of humor, great speaker. 

 The other day I saw him on a you tube video on FB.  He was going to jump out of a plane tandem style.  What's the big deal?  It was  a big deal because he was born without limbs... arms or legs.  There wasn't any medical explanation for it.
He can no more help not having any limbs than we can for having them.  But he uses what he hasn't probably better than most of us.  

This you-tube isn't to feel sorry for him, he doesn't need that.  It is for inspiration, to look outside of yourself and appreciate the little things we have, appreciate even what may annoy us most of the time.  Being grateful, it isn't hard to be grateful, some of us just may need reminding every now and then.  

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  1. One of the most inspirational men I have ever heard of! I have seen his Youtube video's in the past and always sent them on to anyone who hadn't heard of him. Truly a wonderful person and so motivating and inspiring. I think he recently got married. God bless him. He's amazing! Great post!


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