One thing always leads to another

This has already been a busy month and I have quite a list started on my chalkboard for the next.   For the most part, I plan ahead, but I"m not one to plan too far ahead.
 In other words  planning up to a year or more is a bit much.  
I know not what tomorrow brings.  Lord willing and the creek don't rise, only God knows...that sort of thing. 

Lots of good things to come,  someone arriving from out of town, a package leaving to make a little girl happy.  On and on.. lists being checked off..and added to just as fast..

I'm house sitting, dog sitting...and I'm sitting writing this.  LOL
 The owners car got toilet papered...pretty minor.compared to what I've seen..if I had my camera I'd snap a photo.  
 If I had the latest in technology, I'd use my phone, but since I have a phone from the local Walgreen's....
 I'm studying Web Design,working hard to create the best and most efficient in sites to land on..but my own techie devices at home are archaic in comparison.  That  seriously has never  bothered me. Some of my friends shake there heads, they cannot comprehend.  
If someone were to give me those things or if I weren't a student I'd buy them.
I still use a Sony cassette tape player..I use it at night while listening to $.25 tapes from the local thrift store.  The end result is all things new become old, eventually.  Take that all you ---
I have to have the next device every time one comes out and oh by the way I'm green --people.

Rainy days, a shimmering pool of water, gorgeous white gardenias, bonsai trees, bougainvillea in bursts of colors, my eyes are happily being assaulted from where I sit.

What a wonderful day.

Apps Apps Apps

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