I got'er done..lol

I had to do a little touch up of the Sistine Chapel, I really wanted to bake you a cake..I will.... really, when did you say you needed it?

I was gonna bake you a pie because I like your face..but ...I ..I  had   to climb.. Mt. Everest,  yeah,  and.and.. then I hadda go to school.yeah..yeah that's it,  that's the ticket..I was gonna !

 My good intentions have wanned on many occasions.  

cream filled choc.cupcakes
I  believe it (my good intentions) happened when I couldn't give more of me..when my knee started failing a few years back and I just couldn't function like I used to.  
It started when I had taken some orders, one for a wedding cake and another for a  large function for some finger type desserts scheduled for the very next day. What was I thinking, obviously I wasn't..I was trying to please everyone.  I paid dearly for that. 
Cloning is way underrated, I didn't have another me.  I was pushed to the melting point ( it was hot out) even though I orchestrated each movement...but I got tired, I hurt and I got frustrated.  Things seemed to take a turn sometime after that...and then the "barn door was opened for  a choice few turning my  "good intentions"  into a field day with every cake I said or thought I was gonna bake.
Marble Cake-Mango/Blueberry filling
Cheese frosting
Evidently they had been salivating from lack of baked goods I didn't produce.

Let me say this, I've discovered  baking is something I like to do when I want to do it and if I have time, it doesn't hold court over me and no amount of cajoling or butter is going to make me want to bake. I used to bake like a fiend and at one time had hoped to be a pastry chef--can you say passionate..I had IT, but I do it because I want to.  

Yesterday I wanted to, I started making cakes...and the day of I was gonna ...has just ended.  I hope to not say I'll do something unless it is "gonna" happen. lol. I can only hope.

white cake, pineapple,
coconut, w.cream
I'll be delivering them tomorrow, I don't care if they are on diets, I don't care if there is enough to go around or too much, I'm doing this to settle a score and a fun one at that.  I still have one more item to make, a pie..pumpkin no less..in February, doesn't seem right..
Do I think the teasing will stop?
 No, not from this crowd,  not a bit

BTW, I delivered the goodies...and shock was written on their faces.. giggle giggle...

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