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It's Valentines Day Eve Day.  I keep hearing people say what a dreaded holiday it is but this reminds me of heart covered shoe boxes decorated in construction paper ( reminds me of Captain Kangaroo) and little cards stuck in the slot by everyone in my class with treats afterwards.  That was fun.
  As I got older I received gifts from my husband, the few that came to mind was an ad he put in the paper...and a heart shaped necklace, all the rest are blobbed together with flowers that are a faded memory. 

 I think it's a nice holiday, but it  shouldn't be reserved for just the young, especially with  high expectations abounding from every jewelry store ad and restaurant proving to make your night as special as their ad depicts.  Shouldn't we have a little more imagination than that?  
Reserving it for more love in the air and less hate, showing kindness to those who feel  left out and don't matter..making it more of a day, a little more special,  to those in need, rich and poor alike.  Valentines day can be so much more if we get off the commercialized band wagon and use our imagination to "share the love".  

When I think of VD I think of my parents,  and a friend,   his birthday is on that day. 
I asked my mom one time about Valentines Day and dad.  She laughed, she had a reflective look on her face so  I'm pretty sure she was remembering moments of their VD together.  I didn't ask, I just assumed.  I felt those were private if she wanted me to know she'd tell me.
Blue Shorts for Buster
She said,  Dad never gave her candy, on VD day, which my mother dearly loved...the sweet tooth doesn't fall far from the candy aisle......anyways..dad always went the day after to buy her  candy because it was half off.  Yes, I said half off.  :)
Feb. 15, was the day near and dear to her heart along with a box of 50% off chocolates from the local Walgreen's or Eckerds then.  That was my dad's speed...Whitman's and Russell Stover.
This was probably when they lived in Florida, I know for a fact he would go to Dietschs when they lived in Findlay,  especially for their heart shaped boxes of awesome hand dipped  chocolates..I remember seeing it in the house.  Now that I think of it I do remember receiving one and with the luxury of knowing it was mine bit into whatever I wanted leaving those I didn't like or think I didn't like  for later.   Memories.
Mom, Cory, Lauren, & Rita  8/'07
In memory of.. on this day 2/13/08

That's all I have of the story, I love it because I know it wasn't the day that mattered it was the thought that counted even at  50% off!!  


  1. Love you!!! Happy VD, Cuz!!! Think Dietsches would have 50% off chocolate?

  2. It's the same mean-spirited folks who begrudge anyone a good time who complain about Valentine's Day. And Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc..

    Life must be pretty miserable when any cause for celebration is just one big inconvenience.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I like your ideas concerning Valentine's Day much more than what it has become lately. I recall it being much less stressful when I was younger. Not as much was expected, and gifts were seen as a pleasant surprise as opposed to being seen as mandatory by some.

    (Just to be clear: MY WIFE and I fairly much ignore the day for ourselves. We send cards and treats to others we like, but our own celebrations/gifts are very minor - a nice meal, perhaps.)


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