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It's one of those days where I don't know what to write about but I do need to update my blog. 
 I don't want people to desert me.

Let's see, I watched kids this week, I swam a little, possibly did more bobbing in the water than normal.  I need to clean, per usual.  I'm rearranging a ton of books at the thrift store where I volunteer.  So I have been planning for that.  I 'm also editing a book I'm writing, this is a lengthy process, so far 2 years have passed and I have a feeling it could be a few more.  
I know I've spent far too much time on FB than any sane person should.  

I've looked at other wonderful blogs, with food pictures which are drool worthy and the crafts give you hope and once I leave the page, it's over and forgotten.  If I only had that clone I keep hoping for or an assistant then they would have been following through with my good intentions.

As I sit in my not too comfortable chair I need to switch out and look around my room I see a project of the domestic kind that wouldn't take more than 10  good healthy minutes to conquer and I will but I want to do something fun because I am officially on summer break from school after going to summer school.  I need to make this time count.  The beach is out, I'll not do that because it's too stinkin hot. 

You know we're having a heat wave 
So I'll think of something but for the time being this is all she wrote!

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  1. I like the Summer background your using Barb. I start a new job the first of August, so I may be cutting back on my Net time. I figure life's too short to spend it in front a 'puter screen.

    You can send some of that heat over this way, thank you muchly.



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