Who's in a Pie?

Yesterday, I spent the better part of the day baking pies for an upcoming BBQ.  It's been quite a while since I've done this because the last 2-3 years I 've been unable to stand for long periods of time. I accomplished that task quite well, my knee is working great.  My patience is another matter, I forgot how time consuming pies were.  I was a little restless, but hours later I made 4 pies and was really hoping to add a 5th but wasn't about to dirty another dish.  
By 4pm I had washed all the dishes and the last pie was cooling.  

I have learned through the years, no matter what I plan on making, most generally it takes a turn and morphs into something else entirely.  Like the winter scarf I was making for a friend, it was suppose to be a surprise.  The surprise was on me, it ended up in the shape of an L instead of one long scarf.  Good thing his last name started with an L.  We laughed about that for days. 

 I did end up with 2 blueberry pies and a peach, the other one was another story only because the blackberries I bought were terrible, they are going back from whence they came.
I don't understand how the women in these baking and cooking blogs do it.  Stopping to take photos step by step.

   Not that it was difficult, it's just tedious. 
( If anyone is interested in how I made these pies go to Tasty Kitchen for the recipe)
I loved my pie baking, it's an end result that tastes good but never turns out the way I'd like it  in looks or it isn't usually pretty. I'd call that a future goal. 
I do have other plans with some miniature bakers this summer, we will be creating some good times as well as some amazing memories.  I'm sure there will be some Kodak moments, a term almost extinct in itself.
Elizabeth and Taryn

About..a lot of years ago I read a book of a woman who was born of French parents that moved to the USA.  All her life she was raised on Tarts, not pie.  Something in her made her curious for pie, so on a trek across the USA to her final destination in NY where she was moving she decided she would be in search of pie.  
The title is "American Pie" by Pascale Le Draoulec
Slices of Life (and Pie) from America's Back Roads 
If you get the chance pick it up, it's a great read.

Oh and I'll take one
Eve with a Lid and a Cup of Joe

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  1. Can't do pie as I've never been able to master pastry. The stuff comes out harder than the hobs of Hell. That blueberry pie looks juicy Barb.

    The book, "American Pie", sounds like a good read. I love travelogues with a foodie theme.



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