Grads, MoonDoggie, and Coffee

So far it's a two cup- coffee- post.  Rarely do I make it to three cups and not feel like I've reverted back to before one. In other words, it stops working. 

What a year, what a new outlook, what a lot a head of me, and I'm trying to do that one day at a time.  
 I say this because last year at this time I was preparing for my knee surgery and my life had taken a backseat to existing..  My closets and ceiling fans are reappearing. I feel like a tulip.  LOL
  I don't want to be living in the future when I'm standing in today.  Since we are not promised tomorrow only today, that's what I TRY to do.  I'm only human.

I know time's passing, some of the little ones of "yesterday" have graduated.  UGH and Congratulations to them
One in particular, Cierra, my old baking buddy.(on the right, my daughter on the left).I say Congrats to her and Best Wishes to her future.
  So hard to believe.  One minute they were coloring, bouncing in the germ infested balls at McDonald's, the next minute they are cramming for finals and grabbing their diplomas.  Amazing.  I know how vitamins work, I see how proteins stretch our imaginations.  

Summertime, and the livin is easy...
or is it? 
 We have a list of things to worry about, if we so choose such as; water, sharks and jelly fish, hurricanes, serious sunburn if we don't apply our SPF 50. There's a list a mile long of reasons not to step outside your abode, especially here in Florida,  if you want to stop having fun and  DON"T watch the summer classic Jaws, you'll never step foot in the water again, and especially if you're beach is  New Smyrna Beach, shark capital

But, that's not the case here, I'm sticking my toe in the sand and the water while looking like a white beach bunny slathered in sunscreen and enjoying living this year.  Life took a back seat for the last few and it's not happen-in again.  It's time to call the Gidget's and Moon Doggie's and head for the beach.
Surfs up sharks and all.

Have a Safe and Happy Summer

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  1. I think the gist of your post is "time doesn't just fly; the bastard is now light speed enabled!"

    I think we become more aware of the passage of time as we get older. I know I do.

    And what? Me worry? Send some of the sun, sea and sand this way would you Barb. Love the new blog background too chick.



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