The Reasons for the Seasons

A busy month has passed.
There's been a hurriedness in the air, like festivals and rummage sales.  Lots of signs vying for attention
lining the streets as well as churches and  fellowship halls expanding like waistlines and  full of stuff.

People have been frantically getting rid of what they probably received last Christmas, so they can stuff their closests once again full of the junk they really don't need.  And they'll be complaining on the way to that nasty store that starts with a W, after they've purchased said stuff  they say they can't afford,  but will spend the money anyway. 
So my point is, it'll end up in  rummage sales, and community garage sales just like in the past few weeks and months.  

 I suppose you could say it's the circle of life for junk and a reason for fun, in a manner of speaking. 
 Bully for them in their tidying.

 If you start burning all those candles laced with cinnamon and smells of apple it'll make you do all sorts of crazy things.  All for the sake of changed leaves, a fireplace, and an apple pie.  Not to mention those two loaves of Pumpkin Bread I have in the frig.

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