Happy Birthday Gary

The bell bottomed pants went on for miles because the shoes did too. 
 I saw him fitting shoes on feet, although I should say he saw me at a local shoe store in town,  Fenstermakers Shoe Store.  I had purpose the day I was roaming the streets, it was to get my mind off "things".  As fate would have it, my mind had added a few more "things"  to it's already full list. 
Unknown to me  Mr. 'fro was one of them.

He was the poster boy for the 70's in a tidy sort of way.  At first glance he had a fro that went on for days.  White boys usually didn't sport fros, but I wasn't an expert so what did I know for nothing. 

The one thing I learned throughout those years was he was a package of unpredictable creative, explosive energy that didn't let the world stop him.   Today is his birthday , a mere "28" respectively, and I see the same unbridled energy pushing past invisible walls. 
 I could list the accomplishments from charities to hair events and more he's had his hand in, but my interpretation wouldn't do this post justice or the actual event.  

So I'll just  salute the day you were born and say a hearty
Happy Birthday
(now you are older than me)  LOL

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