Snappin' Opportunities

I seem to find myself lately waltzing down the picture aisle of memory lane.  I need to snap some photos of the present but what happens when the presence presents itself as a need to gaze on times past.  I suppose a good balance of both is in order.  The only problem is I can't run and snap a photo of my son, he's out of state.  Even my daughter is way across town, photo ops aren't ops unless they're in your face.

Ah but it's that time of year when the weather outside is frightful and I am so delightful, but it doesn't snow snow snow here.. LOL..it's Christmas time in the city.  It will soon be a haven for cameras of all shapes and sizes and I look forward to my presence becoming my present. 

In the meantime enjoy these photos of times past and present.


My dad and chemo

Lauren and her dad

Easter on Trenton

Me and my Slide

Gator Catchers in my backyard

It was hard not to go on and on.....

Merry Christmas y'all!

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  1. Memory Lane is bittersweet, isn't it. I hope your enjoying the Holiday season Barb!

    Ali x


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