Wearing out the Wonder Bra....How???

I have a question  for women only....  did you ever wonder (as in bra,) how your bras wear out?
Like how could they possibly wear out?  You don't walk on that part of your anatomy.

Here it starts... you shop and  then if successful you bring them home, place them  next to the others until the cycle begins again.   How difficult can it be for a bra?? 
 For the most part you wear them under your clothes, or at least you do now.  ( Thank goodness Madonna's havoc on fashion is pretty much over), you perspire on hot days in them or have hot flashes. When it's cold you're glad you have that extra layer to take care of calling attention to yourself.   Maybe a fit of passion or that driving need to "get it off 'cause I can't breathe." would be the only reason I could see to ruin one.

Sure as I'm sitting over here with my bra hanging on the door knob over there, I cannot answer that question.   There is one thought ..drying? in a dryer?manufacturers say hand washing these little dainties will last longer..and no clothes dryer....maybe true...but not always possible especially if you need that one right now.

Do the dainty bras wear out quicker or is it the padded ones. Is it the sports bras with all the extra activity going on.  I could understand and rationalize a whole lot better  the one on it's way to work in an office building.  How about strapless, reminds me of weight lifting....it's gotta wear out faster than the others. 

Have you noticed too if you eat nuclear Twinkies how tight your bra can be the next day and other than wearing out there are other advantages to these controlling boobular chastity belts.  Ah but I digress, that really isn't the reason for this post. 

 I was sitting one day looking at my bra with under wires broken and straps sagging and couldn't understand the disintegrating frailties of this contraption I was so excited to wear when puberty was knocking at my front door.  Of course at that point I didn't know Jane and Howard had chatted and the under wire had been born.  BTW, there should have been a clue to the work we were expected to endure ...if necessity is the mother of invention..well .let me just say..did it take someone in the airplane business to invent an under wire bra?   Think about it?

P.S.   I suppose we could just burn it they did in the sixties and all this would have been for naught..or we could have one heck of a dry cleaning bill (look at the video :) 
If you want a history on bras and loungerie in general check this site out  Fashion Era


  1. I put it down to the frequent washing/drying our underwear gets. Most of us don't hand wash then hang bras to dry like your really supposed to. We just chuck 'em in with the rest of the whites.

    Braless? At my age? Not without a boob lift first honey.

  2. I never understood how the underwires break, either. But they can be torturous when they do. I have one that is so painful to wear that I wrote "Ouch" on the tag; why I even keep it, I have no idea.

    I wash mine in a mesh bag in the washer, but I don't put them in the dryer (or hang them outside on the clothesline!).


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