Today is Monday and I'm resting my self...that would be all of me.  I'm plum tuckered whooped out..in a manner of speaking of course.  This past week has seen me more out than in and yesterday, which God made for all of us to rest..well let me suffice it to say I was duped into helping someone put all their furniture back after having their floors redone...I will tell you this if any of you are looking for heavy furniture and can't find it....she has it...every last piece of it.  Fortunately I didn't have to lift it all, I actually lifted things like comforters-5 bags full, cookbooks, and other small time odds and ends.  It really exhausted me watching the others tote all those antiques.  I had to kick back with a Diet Dr. Pepper.  Hey it was all she had...I like the real thing.

One other little thing.prior to that we toured Costco...ugh...all of this done with a knee that's still on the recup phase of life.  I did really well if truth be told and I told it truthfully but to follow that up with moving a whole house back into place....ugh...If I want to get into shape all I need to do is do this every Sunday for the rest of the year and watch out...I'll be looking like I used to.  Which isn't to say I look bad now...watch yerself now...

Speaking of look ing good... This weekend is Fashion Week...A friend of mine and I are photographing the models and the activity related to it...There will be around 90 models, 14 or so stores furnishing the clothing and a lot of exhausted makeup artists and hairdressers at the end of the night.  But I'm gonna have a good time.....So it is imperative I rest my hoofies so they return to their natural state of being my feet. 

Right now though with the calm and the quiet and a slight breeze blowing in the windows I have a desire to make some chocolate chip cookies.....hmm we'll see....

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  1. Hiya barb, hope you get your strength back soon, in the meantime, enjoy your rest :) xxxxxx


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