My Bionic Knee ..workin it!

My goodness look at how time flies.  It's been way too long since my last post, I've been very busy trying out my new knee.  I'm on a test mission you could say..well maybe you couldn't so I will....I'm on a test mission.  So far... I've walked to see how far the cows will have to come home...hmm ...(think about it).   

..Besides walking,  I went back to my volunteer position, I am the booklady, at the local thrift store and they raise money for The Hope Foundation.  Great cause and  I love being a part of it and love the people.  I also enjoy books so it's just an added bonus.   The variety of books which are donated make it interesting and so much so a blog is in
the forecast to sell those unusual and interesting books that come in randomly, in due time though.  How is this helping my knee you may ask?...Well, it's really building my stamina which was depleted from surgery..I do exercise but this is exercise without seeming like it's exercise.  I love that kind. 

I also was able to do some nitty gritty cleaning in my home..oh boy...I know this was good for me..(I keep telling myself this...maybe I"ll believe it if I say it enough)  Secretly I was hoping a friend would send his maid to give me a hand...I probably should have vocalized it instead of thinking it...HA!

I feel as if I've been cheating...I've been blogging for a friend on his blog while neglecting my own but I'm loving it...and am glad I can do it....how is that helping my knee you ask? ..welll.....Taking photos requires movement and this is all leading up to fashion week..soooooo I'm taking photos of models while they are getting their hair and makeup done for the runway. There will be a number of events until the big finale on October 23 and they will all require photos..more movement of course!

Life, so many different things to do so little time but in the meantime I'm keeping as busy as I can because if my knee taught me one thing..it's life is way too short to sit and brood, be happy for what does work!   


  1. I am pleased your feeling better Barb, and that your knee is getting better :) xxx

  2. "The Barbara Show" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.


  3. Hope everything is working again and even better!


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