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...I'm sitting in my hospital bed balancing the laptop so it doesn't topple onto my tender knee  while it's in this machine called a CPM,  works on flexing and extension.

I must say it is somewhat difficult to write, read, or watch television  while Vicodin is racing through my veins.  Lord only knows how this post will look when I'm finished.

There will be no pictures.at least at this time, thank goodness, the camera is at home and Gary and his phone are gone he did enough damage on Friday with that shot on FB while I was waiting on surgery.  I don't profess to be model material but that picture was downright hideous.  I apologize, a a little late, if anyone was slurping their morning coffee and eating their Wheaties.

  I do wish I had my camera though  to take pictures of all the wonderful people caring for me here.  What an amazing group of people racing up and down the halls performing jobs I couldn't imagine doing.

One last thing because dinner is here...and I use that word lightly (dinner),  thanks so much Gary and Shawn for running back and forth with flowers, magazines, this laptop and kind words...much appreciated..
.There are other friends as well that brought  ice cream and berries among other things and  the nurses loved them btw......
Okay, that's it I'm exhausted and I need to attempt poking at this food.......wish me luck

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