Hungry for ?

This past week has been very interesting. 

I"m used to peace and quiet and my own food choices.  I am not the best of cooks but I now feel as if mine rate very close to a five star restaurant all things considering of course.  Those who know me well will laugh after experiencing  my culinary results. 
I've been craving a few slices of  pizza or a simple crunchy piece of toast...it'll be awhile till "the little things" I took for granted will materialize again.

Since I've done as much grumbling as my stomach I'll stop and at least say I have met many nice people during my stay for Physical Therapy at this establishment.  The techs and nurses go out of their way and work their feet to the bone sweeping the hallways to accommodate every needy whim.

 Possibly in a week or two my outlook and opinions will focus even more on  the  positive, but as of  now every day isn't spectacular after being tortured to stretch for healths sake.  I've learned this while taking a few steps forward  that you may end up taking a few back in the process. 
I really don't intend on letting that happen all that often. 
I need to pump push stretch and groan
to be able to see the lines in the rear view mirror
while I'm shuffling
on down 
the road................

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