You Spill Milk.........

Last night I accidentally turned the channel to a news station, I rarely do this, generally
It's all bad news 98.5% of the time ( my percentage). 
 I mistakenly looked up from what I was doing and saw the animals, birds mostly, the innocent animals being affected by what people call an oil spill.
Let me get this straight.  A spill?
My kids spilled milk on the table or the floor and I am not a fool, this is not a spill!
This is a crime, this is shameful, and there should be consequences.
 Life has been taken from animals, a way of life is changed for people dependent on the the ocean.

Who  had the "brilliant" idea to place this pipe in the ocean, they should have had measures in place in case something did happen.

I can't help but think of the  little boy who plugged the hole in the dike.
He did something! He tried something! 

Bureaucrats sitting on their meetings and proposals doing nothing!!!
They are concerned about $$$ they are concerned about the other person picking up responsibility.
Shame on them.

I'm all for a huge boycott and for it to go on as long as it takes until the water is sparkling clean and the birds and fish aren't being affected.
Don't buy BP oil or use their products.

I was reading that a boycott will hurt their employees on a lower level..
and it probably will, but the spill is hurting the other little people too, so that argument won't hold "water".

I feel a 1960's style boycott needs to happen!
A serious protest.

Have I gone mad?
No I have not!
I'm just angry, two months later and the oil range the size of S. Carolina
has developed.

Information from National Geographic as well as pictures
click on this link

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  1. I agree - it's just heartbreaking. All the finger pointing for so long and no solution. Thanks for your comment on my blog - I'm following your journey too :-)


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